GeoGebraSTEM exploration day/teaching approach

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Geogebra is a mathematical software application which has gone viral. It has many similarities with Excel, is free and highly interactive yet remains a challenge for many to get started. A kick-off GeoGebra tutorial session features ‘real life’ examples such as mathematical modeling of flowers, arches, math aerobics, Kepler's 3rd law and athletic performance (Usain Bolt). Following this, the onus is very much on the students’ own initiative. The focus on ‘real life’ and student ownership of their idea and project increases student motivation. The activity engages pupils in group talk(i), mathematical thinking(i) and vocabulary(i). This open ended(i) task encourages higher order(i) thinking, and encourages whole class(i) discussion(i)/questioning(i) and inquiry(i) projects. It can be used as a whole-day activity or a weekly half-term project. A complete activity description, sample student project outcome descriptions and GeoGebra applications files are provided.