Listening - a chocolate maker describes how it’s done

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Listening series - C105

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How is chocolate made? How does temperature affects crystallisation?

Lesson idea. Chocolatière Cheryl Brighty, of Artistry in Cocoa, explains how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod. She describes how fermenting, conching and careful cooling leads to the tastiest of materials known to civilisation.

Teaching approach. This resource was made for general public interest but may find use as enrichment material for science and chemistry. (edit)

Resource details
Title Listening - A chocolate maker describes how it’s done
Topic Science
Learning Objectives
  • Understanding how chocolate is made.
  • Learning about the importance of temperature for crystals to form.
Format / structure

Audio podcast (mp3) - 11 minutes

Age of students / grade

Useful information

Edited from The Science Show on Cambridge 105 FM

Files and resources to view and download

Radio - audio: interview Cheryl Brighty (10 minutes) Right click to Save. Or click to use
Questions and prompts are available here here


This resource was created by Roger Frost, and is under the ORBIT's CC licence.