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Relevant resources

Zotero application A Zotero Self-Paced Study Guide
Using Zotero will save you hours of typing out references! Just work through these 24 short tasks and you'll be good to go.
Work through this comprehensive but easily accessible study guide at your own pace. There are 24 short tasks arranged around 5 main sections as outlined in the learning objectives below. You can also see some preview snapshots of the book at the bottom of this page. Spend an hour or so with your workbook and save hours of typing out references.
Zotero application Zotero workshop
Using Zotero will save you hours of typing out references!
This page describes an idea for a participatory workshop, to get started with Zotero. The workshop mainly focusses on why you want to use Zotero, rather than the technical details of Zotero. However, in preparation, participants do some self-guided exercises to develop basic familiarity with Zotero. At the workshop, we'll discuss
  • Collecting references for an academic publication in any discipline.
  • Collecting text from blogs for social science research.
  • Setting up a shared group on Zotero, for sharing references and files.
  • Using Zotero for research synthesis and systematic literature review.

We'll relate these ideas to the concrete research interests of the participants. For those participants in academic positions, we'll also discuss how to use Zotero in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research.

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