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Vital is delivered by The Open University and part-funded by the Department for Education. It aims to support practitioners in sharing their expertise and thus enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The core ethos and approach of the programme are centred on the idea that teachers are the experts in education. Vital's role is to support teachers in extending and sharing their expertise, and ultimately re-taking ownership of teaching as a discipline.

Relevant resources

Blogs Getting a buzz out of blogging
Starting with the basic principles of blogs(tool) and blogging, this primary course looks at their use within education and how they can be used to improve teaching and learning. The focus is particularly on blogs as an ICT(i) tool for collaboration(ta) which encourages the effective use of reasoning(ta) and language(ta). The unit also discusses practical elements such as e-skills(topic) and copyright(topic) issues you might encounter in blogging.
Games Introduction to games
This courses provides an introduction to games(tool) in the classroom. The course will focus on freely available online games, which can provide a starting point for exploring their use in the classroom without investment in hardware and software. At the conclusion of this course you will have engaged in lesson planning(ta), ready for implementation in your classroom.
Multimedia Working with multimedia
In this unit, learners develop an understanding of contemporary digital media and how it applies to communication and entertainment ICT(i)s. This secondary course will show teachers how to use the e-skills(topic) teaching and learning resources for this course to deliver the module in 60 teaching hours.
Wikis Sharing ideas introducing wikis
What do you need to know? We could make a Wiki page for that!
When used properly, wikis(tool) are powerful tools that enable sharing of information and knowledge. This course explores how they can be used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning and enable collaboration(ta) on group work(ta) projects. It also covers important considerations such as e-safety(topic) and e-skills(topic) as well as ways to engage in sharing practice(topic).