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TES Teaching Resource of the Year - 2011

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Aiming to win 'A level' recruits with a trip to the strange world of relativity and quantum mechanics

Lesson idea. A presentation about the frontiers of human understanding and the truly strange world proposed by relativity and quantum mechanics. Incidentally, 88 mph is the speed at which the 'Delorean' car is able to travel through time in 'Back to the Future'. This is lesson 5 of 6 in the Astronomy Master Class.

Teaching approach. The lesson initially looks at time travel, however the overriding theme is that of modelling(ta) and scientific method(ta). It aims to show students that it is acceptable to get a result that doesn't fit with what you expect. It just means you need to change what you expect next time! (edit)

Resource details
Title 88 Miles per Hour
Topic Astronomy
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives
  • Evaluating the limits put on time travel by Einstein's general relativity.
  • Understanding that time is relative and that each of us will measure it slightly differently.
  • Appreciating that relativity and quantum mechanics do not fully fit together and this merely means that our models are not perfect.
Format / structure

A 34 minute narrated screen cast which is part of the full, six hour 'Astronomy Master Class'. Also supplied as a Prezi and a Acrobat file should you wish to do the presentation yourself.

Age of students / grade

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