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If anyone ever counted them, they would find around a hundred data logging activities that might find their way into everyday school science. (That is probably more than a school would ever have the time and resources to implement them!) This list, taken from our ebook 'Data logging and Control' is here to trigger finding something that you think offers a way to enhance a forthcoming lesson.

Exploring science with sensors - lower school investigations

  • Keeping baby warm
  • How can we keep warm?
  • Making your hot drink cool
  • Can you trust your ears?
  • What can sound travel through?
  • The best way to stop sounds
  • Which light is the brightest?
  • What should a cyclist wear?
  • Stopping light from a window

Data logging and control projects - science and technology proects

  • Automatic porch light
  • Bath water tester
  • Sound controlled alarm
  • Cooling Fan
  • Keeping a kettle on the boil
  • Thermostatic Control

Experiments - traditional experiments

  • Pulse measurement
  • Arterial pulse - Sphygmograph
  • Breathing movements
  • Enzymes: starch and amylase
  • Enzymes: pepsin and protein
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Energy from germinating seeds
  • Energy in food
  • Aerobic & anaerobic respiration
  • Fermentation
  • Fermentation
  • Osmosis
  • Plant growth
  • Oxygen solubility
  • Radioactive Decay
  • Penetration by radiation
  • Magnetic fields
  • Seismometer
  • Battery life
  • Heating effect of electric current
  • Thermistor characteristics
  • Current-Voltage relationships
  • Capacitor charge and discharge
  • Pressure & temperature
  • Heat conduction
  • Heat insulation
  • Cooling curve
  • Extension of a spring
  • Oscillator motion
  • Absorption of thermal radiation
  • Heats of reaction
  • Exothermic reactions
  • Reaction rates: Thiosulphate and acid
  • Reaction rates: marble and acid
  • Acid-base titration
  • Thermometric titration
  • Burning a candle
  • Weather station