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Student teachers reflecting upon case studies relating to Digital Literacy

Lesson idea. This lesson idea involves the use a number of DEFT case studies. PGCE students were provided with access to information about the use of digital technology in schools through the teacher-produced DEFT case studies. Using support materials produced by a lecturer from the university, the student teachers were encouraged to engage with the case studies, ask questions and reflect on how digital technology could be incorporated in to their practice.

Teaching approach. This activity idea is an excellent of example of sharing practice(topic) of current teachers with student teachers in order to promote discussion(ta) and reflection on digital literacy and activities that promote e-skills(topic) development in the classroom. The lecturer uses questioning(ta) to promote active learning(ta) through collaboration(ta) and discussion(ta) of the resources. (edit)

Resource details
Title Digital Resources for ITE
Topic Sharing practice,  E-skills,  ICT
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To use case-studies to enable student teachers to reflect on the use of digital literacy in schools

Age of students / grade
Additional Resources/material needed

The case studies referred to in this lesson idea are all available here:

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Files and resources to view and download

This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Engaging with case studies to support teaching practice. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: