Digital Technology Presentations with ITE

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Student teachers creating presentations about digital literacy

Lesson idea. This lesson idea involves student teachers producing presentations based on their assignments relating to digital literacy and the use of digital technology in the classroom. The Secondary English Teacher Training students were involved in focus groups and gave presentations that explored the issues involved in using ICT in the classroom to support learning.

Teaching approach. This activity idea involves student teachers sharing practice(topic) of digital literacy use in the classroom in order to promote discussion(ta) and reflection on digital literacy and activities that promote e-skills(topic) development in the classroom. The use of student-prepared presentations promotes active learning(ta) and reflection on their learning, encouraging development of the issues explored in their assignments. It also involves questioning(ta) from an audience, encouraging deeper thinking through collaboration(ta) and discussion(ta). (edit)

Resource details
Title Digital Technology Presentations with ITE
Topic Sharing practice,  E-skills,  ICT
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To use presentations as a method to encourage student teachers to reflect on uses of digital technology

Age of students / grade

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This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Reflections on digital practice. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: