Listening - A physicist talks about the investigative science tools that art galleries use

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Listening series - C105

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How does science help artists to 'see' under the paint of a painting?

Lesson idea. With news of the discovery of ‘another’ Mona Lisa, inventor Dr Lawrence Robinson talks about the OSIRIS infra-red camera which can ‘see’ under the paint of paintings.

Teaching approach. This ten-minute recording was made for a local radio show and is entitled 'science has a use after school'. (edit)

Resource details
Title Listening to scientists – a physicist talks about the science tools that art galleries use
Topic Science
Learning Objectives

Understanding the useful property of infra-red and how it is at one end of the visible spectrum.

Format / structure

Audio podcast (mp3) - 9 minutes

Age of students / grade

Useful information

Edited from The Science Show on Cambridge 105 FM.

Other (e.g. time frame)

Files and resources to view and download

There are some questions or discussion prompts available on this here
Radio - audio: interview Lawrence Robinson (9 minutes) Right click to Save. Or click to use