Listening - a chocolate maker describes how it’s done/Prompts

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Questions and discussion prompts

Chocolatière Cheryl Brighty, of Artistry in Cocoa, tells how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod. Speaking to Nicola Terry, she describes how fermenting, conching and careful cooling leads to the tastiest of materials known to civilisation.

  • Chocolate comes from the tree Theobroma cacao. How does the pod come to be?
  • Describe what is inside a cocoa pod.
  • Describe fermentation and roasting of cocoa beans:
  • Describe how the cocoa nibs are turned into a ‘sludge’ (= cocoa mass):
  • What is the purpose of the process called ‘conching’?
  • What does tempering chocolate achieve?
  • How does different cooling and different crystal shapes affect the chocolate?
  • How does the chocolatier control the cooling of the chocolate?
  • Research the difference between white and brown chocolate.
  • Research to find what is 'couverture'.