Listening to scientists – a glaciologist measures climate change

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Listening series - C105

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How chemical analysis reveals the changes in the earth’s atmosphere and climate over so many years.

Lesson idea. Dr. Robert Mulvaney of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge explains how not all global warming is our fault. You'll hear how BAS scientists drill cores of ice, deep below the surface, to discover how the world has changed over thousands of years.

Teaching approach. This resource was made for general public interest but may find use as enrichment material for science, careers and geography. (edit)

Resource details
Title Listening to scientists – a glaciologist measures climate change
Topic Science
Learning Objectives

Learning about current research on climate change.

Format / structure

Audio podcast (mp3) - 20 minutes

Age of students / grade

Useful information

Edited from The Science Show on Cambridge 105 FM.

Files and resources to view and download

Radio - audio: interview Dr Robert Mulvaney (20 minutes) Right click to Save. Or click to use
There are some questions or discussion prompts available on this here


This resource was created by Roger Frost, and is under the ORBIT's CC licence.