Making Movies in the Classroom

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Using Movies to develop communication and literacy skills

Lesson idea. This lesson idea involves the use of digital video in the classroom to enhance communication skills. The teacher regularly uses video creation and editing resources to enable children to produce videos on a range of topics. This approach is taken in order to motivate and engage the children with their learning in order to develop their skills.

One example is this video produced by children relating to the topic of e-safety(topic): This video uses a number of on and offline video production and animation applications (Noodle Flix [1], Xtranormal [2] and Crazytalk [3]) with the final product being edited together using iMovie [4] on an Apple Mac.

Teaching approach. This activity is a cross-curricular(subject) activity, involving a collaborative(ta) approach, giving children to opportunity to engage in group work(ta) whilst making digital media in the form of films. The activity furthers e-skills(topic) and e-safety(topic). The topic of e-safety(topic) provided a great stimulus for the video(tool). Equally, however, this approach could be applied to any topic or subject in school. The use of video also encourage active learning(ta) as the portability of video recording equipment allows it to be used outside the classroom in a range of contexts. (edit)

Resource details
Title Making Movies in the Classroom
Topic E-safety,  E-skills,  Video
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To create digital media to help to enhance communication skills

Age of students / grade

KS4,  KS3,  KS2,  KS1,  Primary,  Secondary

Additional Resources/material needed

Video Camera

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Files and resources to view and download

This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Using digital images and film to enhance communication skills. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: