Materials for Insulation

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How to insulate a cup of coffee.

Lesson idea. Here is an outline plan for a commonly-used activity. Discuss the plan as a head start for a class activity. Year 3 or 4 pupils are asked to suggest ways to insulate a cup of coffee. They rank their materials from best to worst and investigate this for real. What advice, if any, would you add to the plan? For example, will the pupils need help to record their results?

Resource details
Title Materials for Insulation
Topic Materials
Learning Objectives
  • Developing knowledge of everyday materials and their insulating properties.
  • Recognizing that some materials are better insulators than others.
  • Reinforcing skills of hypothesising predicting and investigative ability.
  • Planning and carrying out a fair test with help.
Age of students / grade

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Download the Word document here Materials for Insulation - student contribution - SC0006.doc (info) or read the lesson online Lesson

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