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Educator note

Please make a note of any challenges that arise! In particular, see what goals participants want to achieve.

Activity icon.png Review of follow-up and classroom activities (15 min).

Part A Improvement of ICT skills

  1. Did you search for resources on the internet (including images)? How did that go? Did you find the resources that you wanted?
  2. Did you practise typing to improve your typing skills. Are you keeping track of your typing speed in your reflective journal? Is your speed improving?
  3. You were asked to send an email to the oer4schools mailing list. Who did this? What were the challenges?

Part B Classroom based activities. Discuss with other members of the group how you feel these went. Were you able to observe a colleague/be observed? Did anyone manage to take some video? Write the salient points from the discussion in your reflective journals.

“Most significant change”. Last time we talked about the most significant change technique, and looked at identifying stories through "newspaper headlines". Create a "pin board" in the room where you are meeting, and stick up some headlines.

Educator note

Let’s revisit this so you can set some concrete goals for yourselves. What do you think might be the biggest changes as a consequence of being involved in this programme - for yourselves, for your teaching, for your students, for the school, or in whatever other area?! (If you need to remind yourself of the MSC technique, have a look at the previous unit.)

Do the participants agree on how things might be different as a result of the programme? How will we know when these significant changes have happened? What kinds of evidence do our stories need to refer to? They can also be revised as time goes on.

Record what participants say in a permanent form - in writing or electronically so we can refer to them later on. Make sure it is recorded on video / audio.