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Opening Hours:

              7:30 - 17:00 

Abide by the usage policy! Educational use has priority! “Educational use” means activity that is directly related to the OER4Schools programme and benefits students in class.

Do not leave the lab unattended! If you are the last to leave, wait for the duty teacher to arrive and lock the lab. If you are the first to arrive, call the duty teacher to unlock.

No food! Strictly no food or drink to be consumed in the Teacher Lab.

Clean hands! Computer keyboards spread germs! So please wash your hands using the hand washing station provided. If there is no soap, get some from the school administration!

No downloading of mp3 or watching of video / YouTube.

Switch off the equipments after use. Only use equipment on mains power, to make sure equipments are fully charged.

Ask for advice if not sure what to do.

Non-staff not allowed!

No equipment must leave the lab for home use!

All usage is monitored!