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Activity icon.png Individual work (5 min) updating assessment inventory. Update the assessment inventory that you started in session 4.1 (use the template File:My assessment inventory.doc). Add the date in the fourth row and describe your current understanding of assessment by identifying different kinds or elements of assessment. Then record the assessment measures that you have used. Please take care that you mention only the measures that you have used yourself and not the measures that you know of but have not tried.

Educator note

As this activity is repeated every week, avoid spending more than 4-5 minutes on it. Ask participants to start filling up the inventory as soon as they arrive for the workshop if there is any waiting time for everybody to get together.

Activity icon.png Individual work (5 min): Filling out a table on formative feedback use. Working on your own, fill out the table below to indicate quickly what kind of formative feedback you have given to your students in your lessons in the past week. First, record whether you gave this feedback by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If your answer is ‘yes’ then write the topic of the lesson. After that answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ for whether it was easy to do and whether it was helpful for your students’ learning.

Type of Formative Feedback Did you give this feedback? Topic? Easy to do? Helpful for learning?
1.Provide whole-class oral formative feedback.
2. Provide different formative feedback to two students (one performing well and the other struggling).
3. Provide written formative feedback to students or individual student.

Activity icon.png Whole group dialogue (5 min) on formative feedback use. As a group, discuss the following questions:

  • Which type of formative feedback did you find most challenging to give to your students? Why do you think so?
  • How did the two students (one performing well and the other struggling) respond to your formative feedback? Why?
  • Which type of formative feedback was most helpful for your students? In what way(s) has it been helpful for your students?
Educator note

Highlight to the teachers that for formative feedback to work, they must first believe that success in learning is dependent on students’ effort in trying to get better at what they are doing. That is the whole point of formative feedback. After this, it is important to practise formative feedback using appropriate words to encourage the students.

The teachers may come to realise that the words that they use in their feedback may sometimes be very discouraging for the students (especially if they have previously been labelled as slow learners). The teachers should be sensitive to how well the students are responding to their feedback. Teachers need to believe that given time and using formative feedback regularly, ALL students are capable of learning much better.

  • Did you make use of the Open Office Impress application to order images for any of your lessons last week? For which topic did you use it? Did you find it useful for AfL i.e. were you able to identify students who need less/more support for the sequencing topic? Describe the support that you provided especially in relation to formative feedback.
  • Did you face any issues with technology, with finding appropriate pictures or with carrying out the activity, while using OpenOffice Impress. How did you resolve them? Discuss any unresolved issues with your peers.