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Activity icon.png Same-task group work (10 min) on typical practie. Split into two groups. One group will first do some typing practice, while the other discusses typing practice in the classroom. After 5 minutes swap round.

Typing practice in the classroom. Last time we did some typing practice. We now want to implement this in the classroom. You only have a limited number of computers. When you start typing practice, you can do this in pairs, so that both students understand how the typing tutor program works, but once students get this, it makes sense to do it as an individual activity. However, students only need to practice for 10 minutes. So if you have, say, 12 netbooks, then take a group of 12 students to do typing practice, while your remaining students (perhaps 20-30 or so) do other tasks (also in group work). After a while, you rotate: Some of the students who were doing other tasks now use the typing tutor, while the students previously using the typing tutor now join in with other group tasks. We will introduce carousel(a)-style group work properly in session 3.2. (For more information, see OER4Schools/Typing practice with students.)