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Activity icon.png Whole group discussion (15 min).

  • Did you type your responses to the My Assessment Inventory on the Word document and save it in your files area on the desktop? Discuss if there were any issues as this activity will be repeated again this week.
  • Share the new points that you have found from reading of your group’s pages from the document ‘AfL-Guidance (2007) for KS1-2’. Elaborate on these points with examples from your understanding that have been shaped by your teaching experience. Also share examples given in the document.
Educator note

Highlight to the teachers that in the document it is explicitly mentioned that learning objectives and success criteria should be negotiated with the pupils. This will happen gradually when students get used to hearing the learning objectives and success criteria in every lesson and working to achieve them. Teachers should assess when their students are ready for the negotiation and then introduce it.

  • Which learning objectives and success criteria did you form during the week? Did you face any issues in forming them (e.g. too wide/ too narrow, language child-friendly or not)? Share some examples with your peers.
  • Did you try to share the learning objectives and success criteria with your students? How did you do it? (e.g. writing on the board, telling orally, displaying on a chart)
  • Did you remind students about these objectives during the lesson? What were your students’ responses to these? (Remember we do not expect immediate improvement in learning but awareness of the objectives at this time should also be helpful in some ways. Share these experiences, if there were any.)
  • Did you try one or more activities adapted for AfL in your classroom?
    • Which activity(ies) did you try and for which topic?
    • Did you find it useful for assessing students’ learning?
    • What steps did you take to follow up on what you learned from the assessment (e.g. revising the topic or increasing the challenge)?