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Activity icon.png Whole group dialogue (10 min) on peer and self-assessment use. As a group, discuss the following:

  • What peer or self-assessment strategy did you try out this week and what topic was it on?
  • Do you think that peer and self-assessment may only work for teaching certain topics? Why?
  • Did you find that it has worked well for you and for your students? Did some students respond better to peer or self-assessment than others? Why?
  • How will you prepare yourself further to introduce peer and self-assessment in future lessons?
Educator note

Peer and self-assessment is something that students need to get used to and practice. You may find that there is some resistance to using such techniques, for instance because teachers found that students were writing cheeky comments, that were not helpful to their peers. However, think back to introducing whole class dialogue and group work. It also took children time, before such ways of working became effective. It is just like this with peer and self-assessment. So do encourage the teachers to persevere, and to share solutions to challenges encountered.