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Activity icon.png Small group activity (25 min). Get into your small group of last week’s ‘making use of enquiry ideas A-E’ activity to discuss your homework tasks.

All the participants should have tried out a mini-EBL lesson or have organised an extended EBL ‘field or project day’. Check with each other that you have the following documentation that should be included in your portfolio:

1. Students’ recordings (on sheets of paper) of their data collection, analysis, findings and any other presentation documents (e.g. models, charts, pictures) and audio/video recordings of students’ presentations.

2. Your audio reflections of the planning and implementation of all parts of the EBL mini-lesson, field trip or project day.

3. Your written reflections about EBL, major take-away messages (e.g. using PMI to think about the planning and implementation of EBL) and ideas on what you would like to try out for your future planning and implementation of EBL in your class.

4. Questionnaire on how much you have learnt and tried to practise EBL in your classrooms.

Spend about 5 minutes scanning through all the homeworks (in the form of some of the documents listed above) that have been completed by yourself and your colleagues.

Discuss as a small group, what you feel has gone well and what are some areas for improvement in the planning and process of EBL. As far as possible, make use of the evidence in the documents to support your views. Nominate a spokesperson to present to the bigger group your group’s assessment on how successfully you feel you have learnt and tried out EBL in the last three or four weeks. Your group should also provide a recommendation of how you would help OTHER teachers in the school get to know and learn about EBL.