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A collection of exemplar materials and pedagogic introductions, all in one place!

About. The ORBIT Course Book collects together sets of exemplar materials from across the website

Pedagogical content. A collection of exemplar materials for thinking about pedagogy and practice in professional development contexts. (edit)

Resource details
Title The ORBIT Course Book
Topic Interactive pedagogy

Table of contents

See ORBIT:Books/ORBIT for detailed contents (and the chance to modify them, build your own book, and download a live copy). The book

  • Introduction – Using the Resource
  • Chapter 1 - Assessment
  • Chapter 2 - Inclusion and Differentiation
  • Chapter 3 - Questioning
  • Chapter 4 - The Importance of Dialogue in Whole Class and Group Work
  • Chapter 5 - Developing Language
  • Chapter 6 - Enquiry Learning
  • Chapter 7 - Technology for Interactive Teaching

Each chapter contains

  1. An introduction to the area, generally covering research on the particular pedagogy
  2. Teacher Education resources for Professional Development exercises
  3. Classroom Practice resources which showcase the chapter's pedagogy in action

Files and resources to view and download

The book can be downloaded from ORBIT:Books/ORBIT