Programming Monsters using Scratch

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Children using a computer programming language to create moving monsters

Lesson idea. This lesson idea formed part of a larger ICT focussed topic on monsters. The children used a range of computer based resources to produce a range of digital multimedia work, which was then uploaded to their schools' Moodle[1] based VLE[2] The children drew their own sprites and then used the Scratch[3] computer programming language to control and animate their monsters.

Teacher Peter Winter, who worked on the original DEFT case study, has produced an online OER for teachers on how to teach this lesson idea:

Teaching approach. This activity developed the specific e-skills(topic) of programming and digital animation. It could be considered the first step towards enabling children to design and create their own games(tool) using sprites and user-input controls. Computer programming helps to develop investigation(ta) skills as it requires the use of a previously unknown language(ta) to execute commands, which also develops the skills of mathematical thinking(ta). Computer programming also involves the use of modelling(ta) and planning(ta) techniques. Because Scratch is an open source programming language, this also creates opportunities for homework(ta), as the children are able to download the software for themselves at home. (edit)

Resource details
Title Monsters using Scratch
Topic E-skills,  ICT
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To use programming to create animations

Age of students / grade

KS2,  KS1,  Primary

Useful information

Scratch can be downloaded for free from:

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Files and resources to view and download

This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Monsters at Monteney. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: Teacher Peter Winter has produced an online OER for teachers on how to teach this lesson idea: