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Put a number on the meaning of hot and cold

Lesson idea. A teacher-led inquiry into how hot or cold things are. Discussion is helped by having a large display to show a 'bar chart' of the temperature, thanks to a data-logging device. This lesson introduces the idea of using numbers to determine how hot things are.

Teaching approach. This lesson involves the use of higher order questioning(ta) to engage pupils in an inquiry(ta) relating on how to record temperature and the use of sensors. (edit)

Resource details
Title Measuring Temperature - Cold and Hot
Topic Measuring
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives
  • Understanding that temperature can be measured and given a number.
  • Using accurate language, for example, 'I am hot' versus 'I am boiling hot'.
Format / structure

A three-page teacher's guide with questions to ask and vocabulary to use.

Age of students / grade
Additional Resources/material needed

This activity requires a temperature sensor and a large display of its readings, for the whole group to see when the temperature changes. This activity was written around temperature sensing equipment made by Data Harvest UK.

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Teacher lesson guide File:Cold hot lesson sheets.doc or check the resource online Lesson

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