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Cut sections:

Share your findings with the other participants and share whether such an activity can be used in the class as a quick taster of what EBL is about.

Educator note

Try to encourage the participants to draw polygons of different shapes, and to really try to make them different. The polygons should not just be different sizes of the same shape. It is possible that some shapes may just look like the magnification or reduction of size of other shapes but hopefully, participants can draw shapes of different number of sides, length of sides and/or internal angles.

Note that while the instructions for the task are short, it will take some time to complete the task. Make sure you limit the time appropriately, so that there’s enough time for the remainder of the workshop. Decide whether or not to show the following video to illustrate the enquiry nature of this kind of problem-solving task:


The Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving: Classifying Quadrilaterals

Video/Art of Problem Solving Classifying Quadrilaterals.mp4,,This video is available on your memory stick in the video/Video from other organisations folder.About this video. Duration: 9:44 (watch on YouTube, local play / download options / download from dropbox)(Series: Video from other organisations, episode N/A)