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Assessment portfolios

In Unit 1 we learned about the cycle of plan-teach-reflect and the idea of keeping a reflective journal. We would like to extend the idea of a reflecctive journal further now by asking you to select material from it for submission to an assessment portfolio. We would like you to select material for your assessment portfolio that best illustrates how you have made use of the interactive teaching techniques that you have learned about in the workshop sessions. An ideal submission for your portfolio should include:

  • an explanation of why you have chosen to do a particular activity with your students
  • a completed activity template showing how the activity fits into the rest of the lesson
  • a description of how the students responded to the activity
  • a reflection on what you would do differently if you did the activity again
  • any other important notes
  • samples of students' work if possible e.g. a concept map
  • 'snapshots' of the activity to show how it went eg a copy of the results of a brainstorm

Submission of an assessment portfolio containing at least one piece of material (with notes) from each unit is a key part of completing the OER4Schools programme.