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Reflecting and Sharing your Learning

You now understand that LfL is about a journey on learning. In this journey, you have seen and responded to many different ways of what learning, teaching and leadership can be about. We have given you many ‘big pictures’ and also concrete examples of how the different aspects of teaching, learning and leadership can be like in the classrooms, schools and communities.

By seeing things differently, through the 5 LfL lenses (or all at once with a combined lens when you are ready to give it a try) we hope you are able to better understand what a teacher-leader should do to support the activity of learning within and outside the classrooms. The knowledge and insights of the leadership for learning principles challenge your previous views of learning, teaching and leadership. It helps you to reflect upon and share your current learning and teaching experiences with your colleagues, school leaders and parents. We will explore all these in greater details in 6.2 and 6.3.