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Teaching Approaches

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Sharing practice is a key part of the The ORBIT Resources, and we would encourage adapting and sharing resources from across the site. It is also a key part of professional development, and teachers should consider how they can both learn from their colleagues, and develop their practices with colleagues and other practitioners. This may include using video (see also Using Digital Video in Professional Development) or other collaborative Tools as well as more formal planned sessions.

Relevant resources

Assessment Diagnostic Questions in Maths Teaching
Using questions to probe what pupils do, and do not, understand
These questions provide a useful starting point from which to think about the use of diagnostic questions(ta) for assessment(ta) for learning and whole class(ta) dialogic teaching(ta). They may be useful for teachers in their own right as sample questions, or to think about the best way to deliver feedback, use ICT tools effectively, and support learners through assessment. In this context the questions should be considered with a critical eye. Teachers might like to think about:
  • The interface, and the way the questions are presented (could the questions be labelled better, appear better, what is the functionality like, etc.?)
  • The style of questions asked
  • The sort of feedback given, both on individual questions, and overall on the completion of the quizzes

Teachers might take this as an opportunity to engage in sharing practice(ta) to think about how to use such questions in the classroom - perhaps using mini-whiteboards(tool) or ICT tools - and outside of them, perhaps using quiz(tool) or voting(tool) software.

ICT Digital Technology Presentations with ITE
Student teachers creating presentations about digital literacy
This activity idea involves student teachers sharing practice(topic) of digital literacy use in the classroom in order to promote discussion(ta) and reflection on digital literacy and activities that promote e-skills(topic) development in the classroom. The use of student-prepared presentations promotes active learning(ta) and reflection on their learning, encouraging development of the issues explored in their assignments. It also involves questioning(ta) from an audience, encouraging deeper thinking through collaboration(ta) and discussion(ta).
ICT Digital Resources for ITE
Student teachers reflecting upon case studies relating to Digital Literacy
This activity idea is an excellent of example of sharing practice(topic) of current teachers with student teachers in order to promote discussion(ta) and reflection on digital literacy and activities that promote e-skills(topic) development in the classroom. The lecturer uses questioning(ta) to promote active learning(ta) through collaboration(ta) and discussion(ta) of the resources.
Wikis Sharing ideas introducing wikis
What do you need to know? We could make a Wiki page for that!
When used properly, wikis(tool) are powerful tools that enable sharing of information and knowledge. This course explores how they can be used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning and enable collaboration(ta) on group work(ta) projects. It also covers important considerations such as e-safety(topic) and e-skills(topic) as well as ways to engage in sharing practice(topic).