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Tool Description Video may already be the most popular way to communicate everywhere. Schools may be among the few places left where watching videos - but not creating, collaborating on, and sharing - is still the main activity. Video can be used in a wide array of activities, and subjects, and with a wide range of software and hardware to support you - give it a go today. (edit)

Teaching Approach. Videos can be a useful way to revist information, provide engaging explanations, and a stimulus for discussion(ta) and whole class(ta) dialogue(ta). You can also set videos to watch for homework(ta) with discussion taking place in class. Teachers should consider why pupils are being asked to watch any particular video, what questions(ta) they should answer or consider, and whether or not there are particular points in the video to pause play. Teachers could also consider using tools such as Windows Movie Maker to add captions to video, perhaps highlighting salient points ("Key point here"), or questions to consider. At home, pupils could answer questions on an online forum or comments post; in class they may be able to do this, or use pen and paper. (edit)

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