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A DEFT case study with Bradfield Dungworth Primary school, Sheffield

Lesson idea. Children explored the potential of Web2.0 technologies for capturing the involvement of the school in the "Camp Cardboard" project (where pupils built structures of cardboard and this way learn more about sustainability issues) using blogging and social media. The particular technologies focussed on by this case study are: Web2.0 technologies, uploading photographs and video to the web, using mobile technology.

No teaching approach - (edit)

Resource details
Title A schools involvement with Sheffield Childrens Festival project Camp Cardboard
Topic Blogs,  Digital literacy,  Creativity
Learning Objectives

To communicate about an event using blogging

Format / structure

Case study

Age of students / grade
Additional Resources/material needed

iPads, iPod Touch

Useful information

This case study was conducted by Bradfield Dungworth Primary School, in conjunction with Chris Bailey, Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

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One of the lesson ideas from the case study is available as a separate resource at Digital Reporters at Camp Cardboard

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