Using QR Codes to Link to Pupil Created Information

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Children creating digital resources for use at Magna

Lesson idea. This lesson idea involves the creation of digital media, in conjunction with Magna Science Centre ( Over eighty children from one school were involved in a project that involved the creation of a range of online digital fiction and non-fiction media, inspired by the interactive science exhibits at Magna. These ranged from poems, stories and reports to artwork and audio recordings. For example, classes of year 9 and 10 students produced artwork informed by futurist painting, based on photos they took on a visit to the water [1] and fire [2] pavilions at Magna. Once created, each of the children's pieces of work was uploaded and assigned a QR code, which was then presented alongside an exhibit in the exhibition centre to be accessed by members of the public with mobile devices and QR code readers.

Teaching approach. This series of lessons provided opportunity for active learning(ta) though the visit to the Science Centre. It enabled the development of E-skills(topic) through the creation of the media and the use of QR codes. It encouraged collaboration(ta) between students, teachers from different subjects, and between the school and the wider community. It also provided a cross-curricular(subject) opportunity for the development of language(ta). E-safety(topic) was developed through discussion with the students about ensuring that their work was appropriate for a wider audience. It also provided opportunities for whole class(ta) and whole school collaboration(ta) on a project where they were able to share practice(ta) and examples of their work with others. (edit)

Resource details
Title Using QR Codes to Link to Pupil Created Information
Topic E-skills,  E-safety,  QR codes
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To use technology to create digital media for a real audience.

Age of students / grade

KS4,  KS3,  Secondary

Additional Resources/material needed


Useful information

QR Code readers and creators are available for most smartphones and mobile devices

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This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study QR codes with Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: