Using a VLE in the Classroom

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Using a VLE to support the teaching of French

Lesson idea. This lesson idea involves the use of a Moodle [1] powered Virtual Learning Environment to support teaching and learning in and out of school.

The teacher developed a number of resources to share with pupils, using the VLE. These included assignments, differentiated games designed to develop language skills, quizzes and lists to relevant web resources. The teacher used authoring tools such as Task Magic [2] to produce these resources, and also made her own instructional videos to reinforce teaching points, using screen-casting software application, Camtasia.[3] She also an open source audio recording and playback application called Nanogong [4] to embed spoken sentences into the VLE.

The teacher also uses the VLE as an administration tool, meaning that she is able to easily monitor which pupils have completed which activities and which have not engaged with the resources.

Teaching approach. This activity uses a VLE to help pupils develop their language(ta) and vocabulary(ta) skills using games(tool) and a range of teacher-produced digital media. These resources were also available to the pupils out of school to support them with their homework(ta), thus equipping pupils with more independent study skills(topic). The teacher also used the VLE to support their own classroom management(ta), using data from the VLE to record which tasks the pupils has worked on. (edit)

Resource details
Title Using a VLE in the Classroom
Topic Study skills,  VLE
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

To use a VLE to support teaching and learning

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This lesson idea comes from the DEFT case study Exploring issues in uptake of digital literacy tools. The whole case study is available for reading and downloading here: