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Set of videos on EBL covering topics ... with teachers ... filmed in October 2012 at Chalimbana Basic School.

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Wiki pageTitleDescriptionDurationSeriesEpisodeProject
Video/Judith body A01.m4vWhole class brainstorm on what makes us healthyPupils share ideas on what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy and teacher records them on the board.11:43Video/Judith Body01OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A02.m4vPreparing for an investigation into body mass index (BMI)Pupils distribute materials (chalk boards/chalk/dusters/tape measures/worksheets) and are given instructions on how to measure their BMI.7:37Video/Judith Body02OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A03.m4vJudith demonstrating how to measure height and weightPupils observe the correct way to collect the data they will need (height/weight) for their investigation into BMI.1:20Video/Judith Body03OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A04.m4vHow to use height and weight data to calculate BMIJudith reiterates the importance of accurate data collection and shows pupils, on the board, how to calculate their BMI. Pupils stick measuring tapes to the wall in preparation for measuring their height.14:01Video/Judith Body04OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A05.m4vPupils demonstrating to the rest of the classJudith encourages a pair of pupils to demonstrate how they measured their heights using a paper tape measure stuck to the wall.0:57Video/Judith Body05OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A06.m4vCollecting accurate dataJudith shows pupils again how to measure their height accurately, emphasising the importance of using the correct method and paying attention to detail. Using a straight tape measure that starts at the floor (at zero), Marsha measures 1.45m.1:04Video/Judith Body06OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A07.m4vChecking for anomalous resultsJudith draws the pupils' attention to differing height measurements for the same pupil. Using this tape measure, Marsha measures 1.29m.0:51Video/Judith Body07OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A08.m4vCollecting data for the BMI enquiryJudith guides pupils to help each other to discover the source of an error when measuring height.1:44Video/Judith Body08OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A09.m4vProcessing height and weigh data to calculate BMIPupils work in groups, helping each other to process their measurements correctly and recording each other's BMI. BMI is calculated by dividing the mass (kg) by the height (m) squared.6:21Video/Judith Body09OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A10.m4vGathering BMI data to input using netbooksJudith selects a few group leaders to input class data using netbooks. The limited number of netbooks means that fewer pupils get the opportunity to participate in this part of the task.1:48Video/Judith Body10OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A11.m4vPupils working out their BMIsIn groups, pupils calculate their BMIs and record the data using netbooks.0:53Video/Judith Body11OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A12.m4vMeasuring pulse rate at restJudith gives instructions on how to measure pulse rate by counting how many beats in 15 seconds and multiplying by four (this will give the number of beats per minute, it is not the case that the heart beats four times per second as reported).1:45Video/Judith Body12OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A13.m4vMeasuring pulse rate at rest (with correct explanation)Judith explains how to measure pulse rate by counting the number of beats per 15 seconds and then multiplying by four to get the number of beats per minutes. She also encourages pupils to repeat their measurements and to find the average rate.1:29Video/Judith Body13OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A14.m4vMeasuring pulse rate when lying down and standingGroup leaders have been given the job of coordinating timing for measuring the number of beats per 15 seconds. Pupils go on to measure their pulse rate when standing after measuring it when lying down.1:31Video/Judith Body14OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A15.m4vMeasuring pulse rate after exercisePupils are preparing to sprint and will measure their pulse rates just afterwards. Judith issues instructions, reminding the group leaders of the importance of getting the timing right.0:46Video/Judith Body15OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A16.m4vPupils sprinting before measuring their pulse ratePupils race towards group leaders who will time them immediately after the race as they measure their pulse rates.0:32Video/Judith Body16OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A17.m4vUsing your fingers to measure pulse rate0:15Video/Judith Body17OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A18.m4vCounting for 15 seconds to measure pulse ratePupil measure their pulse rate by counting how many beats in 15 seconds. They will multiply by four to get the number of beats per minute.0:39Video/Judith Body18OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A19.m4vProcessing the pulse rate dataJudith demonstrates how to complete the results chart. She shows pupils on the board how to calculate the average of two pulse rate measurements.3:07Video/Judith Body19OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A20.m4vUsing calculators in groups to process pulse rate dataPupils work together in groups to calculate the averages for their data and complete their worksheets. Some use chalk boards to do the calculations whilst others use calculators (with varying degrees of confidence).1:47Video/Judith Body20OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A21.m4vDiscussing findings of the pulse rate experimentJudith instructs the pupils to discuss in groups, the differences in their pulse rate averages, and some groups make a tentative start. Whilst walking around the class she discovers that some pupils haven't finished processing their results.5:03Video/Judith Body21OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A22.m4vGroup of pupils discussing their pulse rate resultsThese pupils are discussing their findings in their local language.1:48Video/Judith Body22OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A23.m4vGroup of pupils processing the results of their pulse rate experimentTwo pupils are using a calculator to help them process their data and discussing their results in their local language. The other half of the group are waiting for the calculator.2:59Video/Judith Body23OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A24.m4vPupils discussing results of pulse rate experimentOne pupil leads the discussion in English (with hand gestures) and the others listen intently, trying to keep up and asking for clarification in their own language.2:48Video/Judith Body24OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A25.m4vPupil explaining results of pulse rate experiment to groupA pupil uses local language and hand gestures to try to help his classmates understand what their results mean.1:42Video/Judith Body25OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A26.m4vA balanced group discussion in local language on the results of the pulse rate experimentJudith asks this group of pupils some pertinent questions in English (reiterating them in Local language) to guide their thinking as they analyse the results of their experiment. All members of the group offer their ideas during a discussion which takes place in local language.3:24Video/Judith Body26OER4Schools
Video/Judith body A27.m4vBMI and pulse rate lesson plenary and homeworkJudith recaps on what the pupils have been finding out through their various activities related to 'the body'. She sets homework for the following day and tells pupils that they will be continuing with the same topic tomorrow.3:39Video/Judith Body27OER4Schools
Video/Judith.m4vHand washing enquiryPupils investigate different methods of hand washing to identity which is the most efficient.3:51Video/Judith Body28OER4Schools