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Series: Judith body

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Measuring pulse rate when lying down and standing

Group leaders have been given the job of coordinating timing for measuring the number of beats per 15 seconds. Pupils go on to measure their pulse rate when standing after measuring it when lying down.

Video/Judith body A14.m4v,,This video is available on your memory stick in the video/Judith body folder.About this video. Duration: 1:31 (watch on YouTube, local play / download options / download from dropbox) (Video filmed in 2012, at CBS.)(Series: Judith body, episode 14)

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  • What are the challenges of taking a group outside to do an experiment like this?
  • How do you think Judith is coping with these challenges?
  • What are your impressions of the amount of independence that the pupils have been given? Discuss ways that you could give the pupils more/less independence and the benefits and drawbacks of doing so?

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