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Priscillah tells us about how making use of the brainstorming technique has been a most significant change for her.

Priscillah tells us about how making use of the brainstorming technique has been a most significant change for her.

Priscillah speaking about brainstorming.m4a, 01:36,(Series: OER4Schools audio, episode 01)

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So, but what I would say as, you know, the most significant change, is maybe the same issue of brainstorming. Though I wasn't comfortable with mentioning to them, to say "now we are brainstorming", I really benefited from that. That's a very, very good concept to be used as you are teaching, because you don't just go into a room or a classroom and then say today we are talking about this, and you start to telling them this, but no. For example, today we are going to talk about food. Food is this, that, that, you know you tell them just everything. One thing you should realise as teachers, is that children have something up there, you know. You don't just kid them with information, they know something about a particular thing that you give them. So I really made it a point that everytime I introduced a topic, I used the same brainstorming. I let them brainstorm, so that I know where to start from. What is it that the children know about a particular topic. I remember one time I was teaching about Aids. I simply said "can you write, I'm going to give you five minutes to think about things that you know about Aids". They brought in a lot of issues you know. Oh Aids is transmitted like that, Aids stands for this that, you know. So all those really taught me a lot of things, I realised to say children know something. So when I tell them to brainstorm, they should be able to tell me what they know about a particular topic, and then as a teacher, I will know where to start from. And like that, they don't forget easily.