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I think personally I would not continue the, telling the kids about brainstorming, this is brainstorming, yeah I wasn't comfortable with that, even telling them the objectives that I'm going to, yeah, I will still stick to what I was taught. I should just know those objectives as a teacher, but not necessarily telling them to say "today we are going to achieve these objectives" ah ah, even the ones where what we are doing now is brainstorming, personally I wasn't comfortable with that! I don't know, maybe, I wasn't comfortable.

Different speaker: I think, to come in on that, even the inspectors if they have come, cos this is not taught in Zambian content. I think you can be questioned that "why are you saying that now it's time for brainstorming?" "It's time for objective, I'll tell you my objective". I think they can question you, "where have you learned this? which lecturer, which college?". You know, they do talk! So I think, the way she has said, even me I was not comfortable, I wasn't. It's better just to come in, ask a question, for you, you know that on your lesson plan you have written "brainstorming". What type of brainstorming? I'll ask you this question. Or I'll tell them to do this. That way, you will be able to know that I have achieved my brainstorm.

And then maybe when it comes to the objective, you are as the teacher, you know what you are going to teach in that lesson, because when preparing your lesson you know maybe you have put two objectives or even one, if you have seen one it's enough, you just put that objective, not to reaching an extent of telling the learners "my objective today it’s this and this and this" ah I don't think so, we have gone to two colleges, we have never been taught about that, yes.