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You can download a selection of ORBIT resources, alongside articles on Pedagogy in practice from the OER:Books page and create your very own tailor-made ORBIT book which could be used as a Professional Development (PD) tool to consider various aspects of pedagogy, and engage with PD activities, and practical classroom exemplars of those pedagogies.

In addition, there are a number of full books available in our resources, as below.

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Relevant resources

Assessment Using Assessment to Raise Achievement in Maths
Learning goals; self & peer assessment; effecting questioning; marking and case studies
This resource explores approaches to assessment(ta) in maths, including the sharing of learning objectives(ta), group work(ta), whole class(ta) assessment, questioning(ta) and more. Four case studies serve as useful discussion prompts to share practice(ta). This .doc version of the QCA's 'Using assessment(ta) to Raise Achievement in Maths' allows schools to select parts of the document that are most relevant to them.
ICT IT in Primary Science
A whole book of ideas for using generic ICT tools in science
This book is a compendium of lesson ideas with ICT(i) as a key focus for use in inquiry(ta) based learning and the scientific method(ta). It offers opportunities for use of group work(ta) and collaboration(ta) as well as whole class(ta) questioning(ta).

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