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Series: Eness Vertebrates

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Students hand out blackboards

Students hand out blackboards themselves (active)

Video/Eness vertebrates 2.mp4,,This video is available on your memory stick in the video/Eness Vertebrates folder.About this video. Duration: 1:40 (watch on YouTube, local play / download options / download from dropbox)(Series: Eness Vertebrates, episode 02)(Transcript available here or via YouTube captions.)

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0:00:00.199,0:00:07.199 Now I want Malvin and Bechens to come here. I want you to give out the blackboards.

0:00:11.919,0:00:16.610 One per person. You give out these.

0:00:16.610,0:00:23.610 Give out the blackboards. One, one, one.

0:00:24.490,0:00:31.490 Yes. Three are missing?

0:00:31.760,0:00:38.760 OK. You will write on this one.

0:00:44.490,0:00:51.490 OK, it's OK, take a seat. You will share this.