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Series: Eness Vertebrates

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Mini-blackboards group work

Groupwork using mini-blackboards: group of 5 recording under their own category of ‘animals with no legs’ and interacting as a group

Video/Eness vertebrates 6.mp4,,This video is available on your memory stick in the video/Eness Vertebrates folder.About this video. Duration: 3:43 (watch on YouTube, local play / download options / download from dropbox)(Series: Eness Vertebrates, episode 06)(Transcript available here or via YouTube captions.)

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4 Questions for reflection

Questions for reflection are available here:

  • What was the teacher able to achieve in this small group work that would be difficult in the whole class?
  • What is the role of the teacher during group work in these clips?
  • How did the teacher involve all pupils in the discussion?

5 Transcript

A transcript is available here:

0:00:10.599,0:00:10.849 What is this? No legs

0:00:10.849,0:00:17.849 [Inaudible] Don't have legs

0:00:32.730,0:00:39.730 Noree A monkey

0:00:58.079,0:01:05.079 A snail A snail has legs

0:01:18.049,0:01:19.340 Ahhhh Snail

0:01:19.340,0:01:20.729 [Inaudible] Has legs

0:01:20.729,0:01:22.130 No, No Snake

0:01:22.130,0:01:23.060 Snake Snake

0:01:23.060,0:01:23.990 Snake Fish

0:01:23.990,0:01:24.780 Shark Wow

0:01:24.780,0:01:31.780 Whale W - h - a - l - e

0:01:56.320,0:01:59.759 Shark r - k shark

0:01:59.759,0:02:01.479 [inaudible] Kaloo

0:02:01.479,0:02:03.200 Emmmm [Laughter]

0:02:03.200,0:02:04.920 Bird Bat

0:02:04.920,0:02:10.940 All: That has legs This is whale

0:02:10.940,0:02:12.660 [Inaudible] No